Horseback Riding in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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If you love the scenic backwoods of Arkansas, then horseback riding may be just what you need. This therapeutic activity is available in many areas of Arkansas, including mountain valleys, lake and river regions, and wooded forests. You can enjoy a variety of skill levels and can find a horseback riding tour that’s right for your skills and experience level. Here are some places to go horseback riding in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Daystar Horseback Riding and More

Whether you want a fun and relaxing horseback riding experience in Hot Springs, Arkansas, or you’d prefer to explore the local fall foliage, Daystar Horseback Riding and More is the perfect place for you. The facility is located just 16 miles south of Ft. Smith and specializes in Arabian, Part Arabian, Miniature, and Appaloosa horses. Daystar’s horses have won endurance competitions and local level shows. The stable offers riding lessons, horse care classes, and boarding.

The riding trail at Arkansas Riding Stables includes rides in state parks, and many are seasonal. Some are open to riders of all levels, while others require reservations. While most stables offer rides for everyone, there are weight limits and age requirements for children. Whatever the occasion, horseback riding is a unique experience in Arkansas, and Daystar offers a variety of different riding adventures to suit all levels.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

You can take a day trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas and take part in horseback riding on the trails of the horseshoe canyon ranch. The ranch offers two rides a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – that take you through the countryside while you pass towering rock formations and lush forests. There is also zip line riding if you’re feeling adventurous.

For more adventure, try zip-lining or rock climbing! The Horseshoe Canyon Rendezvous is located on a 3/4-mile dirt road near Ponca, Arkansas. You can find a restaurant nearby, but it’s not very popular – the ranch is usually closed, but you can call ahead to ensure your spot. You can find directions on the website, but you’ll probably want to bring your own camera.

You can climb the cliffs at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, but you must pay to access the trails. It’s $5 per person per day, payable at the Trading Post. First-time climbers must sign a liability waiver and pay $5 per day. Once you’re on the trails, you can relax and soak up the scenery. There are several caves to explore and plenty of wildlife. You’ll find plenty of places to rest and refresh.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or a relaxed western experience, the Ranch offers something for everyone. Among the many attractions at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch are climbing and canoeing down the Buffalo National River. You’ll find climbing for all skill levels at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, with over 300 routes for beginners to experts. If you’re looking for a more adventurous adventure, you can even go swimming in the nearby Buffalo National River.

Buffalo National River

The Buffalo National River is America’s first national river and one of the last free flowing rivers in the lower 48 states. Float, fish, or mountain bike on the river’s trails and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Ozark Mountains. Horseback riding is also popular in this region, although commercial horseback riding is prohibited. You will be in the wilds and have the opportunity to view animals, including deer.

The Upper Buffalo River is home to the largest elk herd in Arkansas. During the annual rut, over one hundred elk gather in the Boxley Valley. Elk fights are dramatic and attract photographers from across the country. Buffalo National River horseback riding is an excellent way to experience elk viewing in the wilds. Be sure to wear a life jacket, as many trails have wet crossings.

If you are interested in taking a horseback riding trip, consider booking a group tour through a horseback tour company. Usually, tours are guided and groups do not exceed 10 horses. There is a chance you will spot a wild elk while you are out on your trip, and your guide will help you get acquainted with the animal. During your stay at the Rimrock Canyon Ranch, you can also enjoy hot dogs and marshmallows on the river. For a romantic getaway, you can also take a guided tour of a working ranch.

The Buffalo National River offers several places for equestrian camping. Its 95-acre watershed is crisscrossed by over 75 miles of designated equestrian trails. Those on horseback riding trips should buy a copy of the Trails Illustrated map from National Geographic or a local business to help them navigate the varied terrain. They can also be bought from the park visitor center or concessionaire.

The Upper Buffalo River has some beautiful waterfalls, including Magnolia Falls. A 2.5-mile hike leads to the waterfall. While the waterfall is small in stature compared to other waterfalls in Arkansas, its rugged beauty makes it a must-see. The largest waterfall in Arkansas is Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls. When the weather is nice and the river is flowing, you can ride a horse down its trails and enjoy the scenery.

Mountain Harbor Riding Stables

Enjoy the great outdoors with a romantic horseback ride at the Mountain Harbor Riding Stables. The Torbett family owns and operates this quaint horseback riding resort in the Ouachita Mountains, just outside of Mount Ida, Arkansas. Enjoy the crisp mountain air and lakeside fun while riding your horse. The lake has many islands and crystal-clear water.

Besides offering a variety of horseback riding trails, the facility has a nice campground area, Bed and Breakfast Lodge, and a number of wood cabins. Mountain Harbor Riding Stables offers guided horseback rides through thickly wooded forest. The resort also offers cabins along Lake Ouachita. The Hot Springs National Park is only 30 minutes away. Reservations are recommended to avoid missing out on this popular attraction.

You can also opt to go on a guided tour to see the surroundings. The trail rides last about an hour and are shaded. The facility is open 7 days a week during the summer, and they begin at nine in the morning. For more information, visit their Facebook page. To book a ride, call (501) 355-3737. A friendly staff can answer any questions you may have.